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The executive committee

The association board comity

The members

The scientific and artistic committee

Alain Bouldoires, Lecturer in information and communication sciences at Michel de Montaigne University, Bordeaux 3 (MICA laboratory), co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Revue Française des Méthodes Visuelles, France.

Stephen Bouquin, Professor of Sociology, University of Évry Paris-Saclay, editor of the journal Les Mondes du Travail. France and Belgium.

Pascal Cesaro, Lecturer in cinematographic studies, co-responsible for the Cinema and audiovisual master's degree UFR ALLSH - Arts Department - Aix-Marseille University, researcher at PRiSM - UMR 7061 CNRS, France.

Vinciane Despret, Philosopher, professor at the Free University of Brussels and at the University of Liège. Belgium.


Jean-Pierre Durand, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Founder of the Department of Sociology and of the Pierre Naville Center at the University of Évry Paris-Saclay, France.


Esther Ferrer, Artist, France.

Florent GaudezSocio-anthropologist, University Professor in Sociology at the University of Grenoble Alpes, France. ISA Research Center (Imaginary & Socio-anthropology), Litt&Arts Laboratory (UMR CNRS 5316)


Douglas Harper, Emeritus Professor of Visual Sociology, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Founder and Former President of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA), USA. 


Carl Havelange, Historian and photographer, ULiège, senior researcher at the FNRS, artistic director of the Trinkhall Museum, Belgium.


Emeric Lhuisset, Visual artist, Sciences Po Paris, France.  


Michael Kokoreff, Sociologist, professor at the University of Paris 8, Deputy Director of Cresppa-GTM, France.


Morena Maria Barbados, Sociologist, founding member of the Visual Sociology Unit of  the University of Geneva, Switzerland. 


Michael Meyer, Independent sociologist and head of research at the University of Lausanne, co-animator of the GT02 Visual Studies and Methods of the International Association of French-speaking Sociologists (AISLF), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Christian Olsson, Lecturer in International Relations at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), director of REPI (Research and Studies in International Politics), associate editor of the journal Cultures & Conflits. Belgium.

Katherine Mary, Sociologist, research director (emeritus), CNRS, principally attached to the "GCR" axis, Gender, Class, Race of the Center Maurice Halbwachs (CNRS/EHESS/ENS), France

Lucas Queirolo Palmas, Sociologist, co-founder and director of the Visual Sociology Laboratory of the University of Genoa, Italy. 

Marianne Mispelaere, Artist, France.

Francesca Masoero, Curator and independent researcher, cultural programmer at 18 (Marrakech), initiator of the transdisciplinary collective project QANAT

Benoit Raoulx, HDR lecturer in social geography (University of Caen-Normandy), specialized in the question of the links between documentary writing and research in SHS.

Fabien Reix, associate lecturer at ensapBx, independent sociologist, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Revue Française de Méthodes Visuelles, France.

Joyce Sebag, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Visual and Filmic Sociology Axis, Center Pierre Naville, University of Évry Paris-Saclay, France.

Luisa Stagi, Sociologist, co-founder of the Visual Sociology Laboratory of the University  of Genoa, Italy.  

Daniel Vander Gucht, Professor of Sociology at the Free University of Brussels, Director of the Research Group in the Sociology of Art and Culture (GRESAC) and of the Review of the Institute of Sociology, Holder of the Chair of Sociology of Art (ULB), Belgium.

Paola Yacoub, Artist, Lebanon.

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