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The CIREC intends to meet the need to provide access to research-creation work in social sciences by developing a specialized library and a platform of international resources that will centralize information in this field. The creation of a collection of multi-media works is also one of the CIREC’s goals. 


Creation of a resource center 


The Cirec aims at providing a specialized library and an international resource center in the field of research-creation in the social sciences : A consultation and working space dedicated to the public will consist of books, films and magazines covering various themes and subjects. An international resource center ( educational, academic and scientific resources) will be developed in the form of a new website.


Creation of an edition

Edition of a collection of works of social research through images : Here, work with multi-media publishers (paper edition + DVD or / and QR Code link, audio, video, photos, etc.) will be undertaken in order to create a collection that does not yet exist in research-creation, as well as a translation work of fundamental works on the subject  (especially pioneer Anglo-Saxon works still not translated into French).


Training, Collaboration and Project support 


In partnership with territorial authorities, research and education institutes and art and cultural centers, the CIREC intends to offer support for social research projects experimenting non textual forms of inquiries. 


The transmission of a reflection and a creative practice in the social sciences is based on the combined skills of the team in the field of research (sociology, anthropology, social geography) and in art (photography, cinema, sound creation, visual and plastic arts).


This programme is intended for social scientists wishing to acquire technical and theoretical skills in audiovisual and art as well as artists wishing to produce a work within the framework of scientific reflection.


Individual support and group sessions will be programmed. The training is based on the coordination between workshops and thematic seminars allowing experience sharing and pooling of practices, training in methods and tools, personalized support and collective spaces for reflection.


The financial and administrative modalities of training are defined according to institutional affiliation of researchers and artists wishing to be supported by the CIREC.

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