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After studying American literature and then literary translation (Masters and DEA in modern literature - Denis Diderot University, Paris), I branched off into social work and sociology (Doctorate, CNAM, Paris). My work focuses on the audiences targeted by public solidarity policies, particularly in the context of child protection.

Currently associated with the LISE laboratory (CNRS-CNAM, Paris), where I co-lead the axis "Politics, social actions and solidarity" (PASS), I am developing a longitudinal project concerning young caregivers of a member of their family.

It was during an inter-laboratory workshop at the CNAM that I discovered the socio-filmic approach and decided to train myself in the practice of making documentaries at the Ateliers Varan in 2022.

The documentary approach allows me to enrich my research on ethnographic methods and on the ethics of the investigative relationship, and above all to work on the sensitive, most often left on the edge of classical sociological work.

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