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It is in the constant search for stories both from those who experience them and from those who witness them that Jeanne Galy chose studies in the humanities and social sciences.

She was interested in the choice of methods of scientific production and dissemination of knowledge with the film in an epistemological perspective with a question: why and for whom to do science today? Thus, she sets out to meet those who take up the film in order to collect their testimonies, their practices but also their commitments. These interviews were the main materials for his two master's theses in RES (Research and Studies in Sociology) at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès entitled: "Epistemological studies (1): Production of knowledge in SHS and the place of film in SHS" and "Epistemological studies (2) The film in the SHS: representations and commitments".

At the same time, she co-produced with Louise Canu a radio program on Campus FM (link at the end of the text), mixing reflections and questions on the forms of writing.  This experience has allowed us to discover one of them: the one that mixes sounds and voices through editing.

Alexandra Tilman, whom she met during the second stage of the research, offered her, as an extension, to present her work among the members of the GTE 11 Research and Creation at the XXI International Congress of Sociologists of the French Language. The communication was entitled “At the frontiers of the Humanities and action: the film, a committed act”. From these discussions were born the curiosity and the desire to move forward through the research-creation process. The sequel is to come.


Link to “Provisionally” show on Campus FM

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