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Lecturer in geography at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, member of the LAVUE laboratory and the Pacte laboratory for the year 2021-2022 as part of a CNRS delegation.


Pauline Guinard is viscerally a geographer, a dancer in her spare time, a teacher-researcher most of the time.

A specialist in urban spaces, she conducts her research in three directions:

  • the links between arts and cities, especially those of the South.

  • field practices, particularly in constrained contexts.

  • the emotional dimension of the relationships of individuals and groups to spaces.  

To capture, question and restore this sensitive, bodily and emotional dimension of spaces, she has been developing a research-creation methodology for several years. She thus mobilizes artistic or more broadly creative mediums (sensitive cartography, poetry, sound recordings, dance, etc.) in order to go beyond the limits of methods which are essentially visual and verbal in geography, and thereby attempt to complete and to renew them. As part of her CNRS delegation project, Pauline Guinard uses these methods to question the way in which the inhabitants – in Greater Paris and in Lagos – are affected by urban transformations and the way in which, in return, the inhabitants can act on these transformations.

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