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Magali Uhl


Magali Uhl is a full professor in the sociology department at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) and a researcher member of CELAT (Research Center: Cultures, Arts, Societies).


Her research aims to identify the transformations of societies through the prism of contemporary culture and art. Based on current works and practices, she develops issues related to subjectivation, memory and the body by analyzing their mutations and their effects on society, and more specifically on the city and its spaces of experience.


Responsible for AISLF GT02 , "Etudes et méthodes visuelles", the role of images in social knowledge and the prospective approach are at the center of her research program which aims to strengthen SHS through proposals combining research and creation .


She is currently conducting visual sociology work on post-industrial neighborhoods in several Canadian cities (Montreal and Vancouver), the results of which have appeared in the form of books (2017) and articles, the latest of which in Visual Studies (2021). .


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