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I have been publishing drawn reports since 2002, in presumed autarkic communities, shady or precarious spaces, which are also often the grounds of social struggles. The drawings have chosen their camp: to make the words of those who only too rarely hear them resonate, without trying to speak for them. Free and free, in situ drawings can become sound leaflets for the internet or monumental paintings in the street. Graduated in illustration (Ecole Estienne) and plastic arts (Paris 1 Sorbonne), my last two reports in comics, "Texaco" (the Arena) and "L'eau vive" (Futuropolis) are devoted to ecological fights._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



- 10 years of free (Technoplus, 2005)
- De bric et de broc (Parole et Silence, 2006)
- Life-size Rosny (Folies d'encre, 2011)
- Dosta (Vide Cocagne, 2012)
- Villiers rebel (La Boite à Bulles, 2013)
- Being there (Futuropolis, 2014)
- Bringuebalés (The Bubble Box, 2014)
- Brest at the quay (The Bubble Box, 2016)
- Welcome to Calais (Actes Sud, 2016)
- Towpaths (Transboréales, 2017)
- Texaco (Les Arènes, 2019)
- Living water (Futuropolis, 2020)
- The one I left (Actes Sud, 2021)
- For all the gold of Sudan (Review XXI, 2022)

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