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Ralf Marsault

Ralf Marsault is an anthropologist-visual artist, researcher associated with Phanie, center of ethnology and image, Paris. He collaborates with Djemila Zeneidi, research director at UMR 5319 Passages, at CNRS in Bordeaux, as well as with Jerôme Beauchez, director of the Margins & Outs research program at USIAS, Strasbourg.

Initiated in 1990 by the publication of the book Fin de siècle which he co-produced with photographer Heino Muller, Ralf Marsault's research questions the notions of spatialization of presence as well as the aesthetics of the margins of Western society, their creation of objects and environments understood as production of signs. A research that opens up questions on the perception of phenomena and the ethics of their restitution. This work is documented in the book Resistance à l'effacement (Les presses du Réel, Dijon), the Wagenburgleben in Berlin catalog (FHXB Museum & Kreuzdorf eV, Berlin), in the atlas of faintly falling images (Distanz Verlag, Berlin ), devoted to the years spent in Berlin's Wagenburgen (alternative camps disseminated in the urban network and around the city), as well as in the articles available on the platform.

Among other exhibitions, his images have been shown at the Maison Européenne de la photographie in Paris, at the photographic meetings in Arles, during the last month of the EMOP 2020 photo at the FHXB Museum in Berlin as they will be, in October 2021 , at the Hèbre de Saint-Clément museum in Rochefort. (

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