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Director of the CIREC​


Researcher in sociology of deviance and marginality

PhD in  Visual and filmic sociology, Pierre Naville Center, University of Évry Paris-Saclay

Graduate of the EICAR (international school of creation and audiovisual production), film director section 


Qualified in section 19 of the CNU, Alexandra Tilman teaches in several French universities in connection with her dual filmic and scientific practice. At the Catholic University (UCO, Angers), in 2017 she co-founded with G. Houdeville the transversal course "Documentary and Society" in human sciences. Within the Image and Society Master of the University of Evry-Val-d'Essonne, she supervises the making of student films in addition to the courses in “Sociology and documentary in social sciences” between 2016 and 2020. Invited internationally, she gives masterclasses in the United States, Poland and Greece. 

She coordinates multiple events around research-creation such as the annual days “when science makes its cinema” (UCO, Angers, 2015-2018) or the intermaster days of the FIPADOC campus (Biarritz, 2016-2020).

She makes documentaries (film or sound) and collaborates on various projects within the framework of research productions at the crossroads between arts and sciences. Her thesis film Cadences (2014, France) was selected in several international festivals and screened in more than twenty scientific events around the world (USA, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland). 

Elected member of the international association of visual sociology (IVSA) and co-founder of the “research and creation” group of the international association of French-language sociologists (GTE11, AISLF), she is also called upon by territorial structures, institutions and companies in order to produce sociological expertise and to intervene with various audiences as an image specialist. 

The questions of margin, deviant trajectories, youth and education constitute the heart of her work in human sciences in an interdisciplinary and multi-media approach.

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