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Origin of the project --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The CIREC - Center for research-creation is a group of researchers and artists who are located at the crossroads of social research and art.

Initiated by a group of artists and university researchers, CIREC is an international and interdisciplinary structure, which operates autonomously and benefits from the support of a set of academic and cultural institutions (research laboratories, universities, museums, artistic residencies).

The works that combine science and the arts to shed light on social reality are emerging today as a new expanding field, which is part of a multi-media and interdisciplinary practice linked to the acquisition art and research skills. Researchers thus produce works in which recourse to art is conceived both as a tool of investigation and a form of complementary restitution of the text. For their part, artists seize on methods and theories specific to humanities to create or support works.

CIREC aims to federate, support and promote the individual and collective initiatives which are multiplying in this field. In doing so, CIREC intends to actively participate in the development of international research-creation analyzes. This issue appears all the more important to us as this work carries with it a major potential for the formation of bridges between creation, scientific perspectives and societal concerns.

Outlines and objectives ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The centre's activities are based on three areas of development of research-creation : production, dissemination and transmission.

Production ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The research-creations carried out by the members of CIREC aim to produce sensitive and intelligible knowledge on major social issues, through productions that combine social research and artistic creation (photography, sound, film, installation, multimedia, plastic arts). At times, linked to participatory and social projects, this work contributes to the creation and dissemination of a collective discourse on the social world, its institutions, and the individuals and groups that animate it.
If the objects of CIREC's research-creations are varied, they have in common an interest in the social world in its double dimension, intelligible and sensitive at the same time: in what it conveys of poetry and singularity but also, and all at the same time, in the way in which the global logics - in particular the social relations which form the basis of the present inequalities - are embodied there.

Diffusion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The center actively participates in the dynamism of research-creation in the social sciences through the creation of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and film screenings as well as the creation (in progress) of a collection of paper and digital works. The creation (in progress) of a resource center and a specialized library aims to centralize and promote artistic works with a socio-anthropological content and research anchored in social sciences which takes hold of artistic expression. 


Transmission ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


CIREC intends to respond to the growing demand on the part of artists and scientists for the use of audiovisual tools in the social sciences and more generally for the use of research-creation, by setting up a training system and support for projects by members of the center.


Workshop of Agnès Rosse, Sète

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