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Mélanie Rainville has held various positions in Canadian private and public foundations and venues as an art historian. In particular, she held a position as curator at the Leonard-et-Bina-Ellen Gallery (Concordia University, Montreal) which was decisive in her career. While managing, documenting and enriching a collection of nearly 2,000 works, she simultaneously developed a curatorial practice and a personal approach to art situated at the crossroads of history, sociology and self-criticism. Among the main group exhibitions she developed at this time was Collecting. Declination of practices (2010) which deals with institutional collecting practices, Interactions (2012) on the reception of works, and Speculations (2014) on the interpretation of works. Based in Brussels since 2015, she continues to question her profession as an art historian as a researcher at ISELP. In this context, she is developing a transversal research laboratory where art mixes with social space, and gives it different public forms. It also promotes the work of researchers in art history and social sciences through a program of scientific residencies. In the meantime, she has also shared her ideas in the context of publications, colloquia, juries and teaching.

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