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Artist-photographer, university researcher (Univeristy of Liège, Belgium, École Supérieurs des Arts of the City of Liège) and associate researcher at the Trinkhall Museum in Belgium.


Helene Tilman, based in Paris, graduated with distinction of the Beaux-arts de Paris in 2004. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Arts and Sciences of Art at the University of Liège in Belgium under the supervision of Carl Havelange, on the psychiatric institution.

In 2015, Tilman undertook a research master's degree in aesthetics and art theory at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, on the representations of psychiatry in art. In 2014, she started her photographic series focusing on hospital and psychiatric care, a subject that interests her both humanly and socially. To question this social reality, she mobilizes not only her first research tools, which are photography and arts, but also the history of arts and a socio-anthropological approach. 

Helene Tilman regularly works as a guest artist in art schools and passes on her research within the academic world through conferences and seminars. Her work has been exhibited in shows across France and Belgium. She passes on her research within the academic world (conferences, seminars) but also in public places: media libraries, hospitals, museums, etc.

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