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Celine Segalini

Film director, doctor in political science

I turned to documentary cinema after an academic career that was built at the crossroads of philosophy, social sciences and fields abroad. In Cameroon, then in Senegal, I became interested in the professional precariousness that is woven under the veneer of development aid. To understand these challenges, I immersed myself in the daily life of Cameroonian and Senegalese project leaders in urban centers and more remote areas. It is by doing this immersion work that the desire to explore other types of writing of reality was born, in particular appealing to sensations, to account for what I was experiencing in the field. I started to get involved in the association, La Troisième Porte à Gauche , and in particular in the programming of film debates and the Passagers du Réel festival in Bordeaux. During this period, I was able, in contact with works and directors, to seek a filmic writing that could express my experience of the world. This time of discovery and ruminating allows me, today, to work on my film projects while accompanying researchers in social sciences, eager to seize the cinematographic language, in the realization of research-films.

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