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Doctor in urban and film sociology. 

Associate researcher at the CPN (University of Evry Paris-Saclay)

Co-head of the AISLF Research and Creation working group (GTE 11, AISLF)

Émilie Balteau is an urban sociologist, specialized in visual writings in social science research.

Her work is at the crossroads of urban sociology and the sociology of social classes. It gives rise to texts - particularly methodological (see the Revue Française des Méthodes Visuelles), but it is also expressed in the form of research films (see in particular Bonjour Bonsoir (2017), available on the online journal Métropolitiques).


In parallel with her socio-filmic research, she played an active role in the association Les Yeux dans le monde (distribution and documentary creation) and took part in several projects - educational (workshops in high school) and, more occasionally, artistic (video editing for the visual artist Francis Schmetz, Sept 2020).


She taught sociology for ten years at university - in particular the socio-film research approach, sociology of the media and urban sociology - and regularly intervenes in schools of architecture and urbanism as well as during seminars and colloquiums.

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